Real-Time Automation for TriCaster and IP Series
Story Versioning and Package Creation

NewsCaster Compose - The Real-Time Package Builder

NewsCaster Compose is the Real-Time production news story and package builder. Compose uses the newsroom rundowns to send all of the MOS object elements to the TriCaster and IP Series. Element types include audio, video clips, graphics, cameras, and other devices the TriCaster and IP Series can control. A single talent/operator can composite complete packages from a green screen and record on camera lead-ins and lockouts with all of the other package elements.

Preset, Preview, Record, Review

With preset effects and transitions using the Compose NewsStyles, all elements, transitions and effects in the TriCaster and IP Series can be pre-programmed for the Compose recording session. Compose preview makes it easy to check the accuracy of events before the recording is started. For automated recording, the talent can sequence through the events and trigger all of the parts of the package as automated run events, or a simple key press to go to the next item. The story can be built to a fixed time, or open ended, and Compose has countdown clocks for each element and TRT. The talent can then review the completed package for acceptance.

Make Packages for Versioning and Multiple Distribution

Using the same newsroom rundown and scripting MOS workflow, Compose enables multiple versions of the same content, repackaged with fresh opens and closes, graphics and other elements for any number of different multicast digital channels. Some of the possibilities for these additional types of distribution are 24/7 news wheel channels, sports package inserts for morning shows, and various web based channels and feeds.