NewsMaker Systems Suite of Products
Provide Complete Production Control of the TriCaster and IP Series


NewsCaster Connect

Connect the Newsroom Computer System Rundown to the TriCaster and IP Series.

NewsCaster Control

Control the TriCaster and IP Series Playout With Powerful Customized NewsStyle™ Events.

NewsCaster Compose

Real-Time Package and Segment Creation for the TriCaster and IP Series.


Style based Automation

Build a show from pre-defined show element combinations.

Full MOS Support

Integrates with any MOS compliant newsroom computer system.

Asset Preview

View all rundown media assets on your newsroom system desktop.

TriCaster Automation

Take complete control of TriCaster all audio and video on-air operations.

Character Generation

Create all CG elements with instant thumbnail views of text over graphic templates.

Asset Placeholder Creation

Add placeholder MOS objects for media assets not currently ready for playout.

3 Modes of Operation

Depending on your needs, use in manual, semi-automated or fully automatic modes.

Immediate Updates

Make a change in the newsroom rundown and it is ready for air in the TriCaster.

24/7 Customer Support

Reach a live person by phone or email anytime 24/7/365.