September 13, 2015

NewsMaker Systems joins Newtek Developer Network with the NewsCaster Newsroom Automation System

NewsMaker Systems NewsCaster provides automated solutions for live news production. NewTek Developer Network offers customers an extended set of products and services that work directly with TriCaster and 3Play.

MOORPARK, CA – September 13, 2015 - NewsMaker Systems™ today announced a partnership with the NewTek™ Developer Network, a far reaching program for vendors to customize their solutions to offer added functionality and operational advantages leveraging the power of the NewTek TriCaster™ and 3Play™ systems.

NewsMaker Systems NewsCaster uses the rundown events in MOS Protocol-enabled newsroom computer systems and combines them with all of the functionality of live TriCaster operations - including the contents of the audio, video, text and graphics media bins. NewsCaster has been especially designed to work seamlessly with major newsroom computer systems such as ANNova, ENPS, Avid iNews, NorCom, Octopus and Ross Video Inception.

"The momentum we’re experiencing with the NewTek Developer Network is tremendous, with the number of participating companies expanding to more than three times over what we had just one year ago," said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of business development at NewTek. "Every product in the NewTek Development Network helps our customers to produce or distribute video content with greater quality, agility, and ease—and we are honored that so many leading companies continue to approach NewTek with a keen interest in developing best-in-class workflows for our industry-standard TriCaster and 3Play systems."

Dean Kolkey, President of NewsMaker Systems commented, "We are very excited about integrating with TriCaster to evolve the process of making news. Using the MOS Protocol, our NewsCaster products link TriCaster directly to a newsroom computer system, and play back video clips, still graphics, CG text, and audio assets—directly from the TriCaster as sequenced within a news program rundown. This integration puts incredible flexibility at the fingertips of any news producer, helping to streamline equipment, automate production tasks, and efficiently deliver a high-quality TV news viewing experience."

About NewsMaker Systems
NewsMaker Systems provides enabling automation technologies to bring together the NewTek TriCaster and the worlds largest and most widely used news room computer systems. With over 40 years of expertise in electronic newsroom automation, NewsMaker Systems solutions bring the efficiencies of automation and the operational and cost savings of the TriCaster to any market size and budget.

NewsMaker Systems PR Contact:
Dean Kolkey
Tel: (805) 529-7000