At a Glance:

NewsCaster CONTROL™ is a full automation suite for the NewTek TriCaster® Family & IP Series. With CONTROL™, a full broadcast can be designed, imported into the TriCaster/IP, and put on the air by a single person. Our automation system is unmatched in its customization; each install can be custom-tailored to meet site-specific needs.

Our exclusive integration with the TriCaster Family® and IP Series make CONTROL™ the only product on the market that utilizes the full potential of your broadcast hardware.

With CONTROL™ you can:

  • Design an automation-enabled rundown
  • Take it to air with minimal action
  • Sit back and enjoy the show


1.) CONTROL the Newsroom

CONTROL™ operates within a standard newsroom infrastructure, but does so much more. Integrate it with AP ENPS, Octopus 8, Ross Inception, AVID iNEWS, and Annova OpenMedia.

2.) Customized for YOUR NEEDS

Use a custom-developed site specific macro system to drive your broadcast. Anything that the TriCaster or IP Series can do can be automated with CONTROL™.

3.) PLAN AHEAD & Save Time

Design your broadcast hours – or even days – ahead of time. CONTROL™ is ready to go live whenever you are, and running the broadcast is now a one-person job.

4.) CONTROL™ Your Broadcast

Customize a control panel that fits the needs of your show. Broadcast it with a few simple clicks, or program it to run by itself. It’s really that easy.

5.) CUSTOMIZE Your Workstation

CONTROL™ comes packaged with a custom-programmed Xkeys control surface and supports external audio control with the AVID Artist Mix.


NewsCaster CONTROL™ gives broadcasters the ability to create pre-defined visual sequences that can be added to a rundown using NewsMaker’s custom developed system of NewsStyles. Using NewsStyles, anything from a simple On Camera or SOT to a more complex sequence such as a dual box remote intro can be added to a broadcast with a simple drag-and-drop. During a broadcast, CONTROL™ cycles through these pre-defined sequences and uses any media assets associated with them to create a professional-quality broadcast. Best of all, CONTROL™ works automatically: all you have to do is click ‘next’ and enjoy the show.

CONTROL™ allows you to:

  • Pre-Define visual sequences that fit your broadcast's specific needs.
  • Drag-and-drop NewsStyles into your rundown during pre-production.
  • Take a complete show to air with minimal effort - just sit back and watch the show.

NewsCaster CONTROL™ is fully compatible with every major MOS-enabled newsroom computer system on the market today. After installation, NewsStyle-based rundowns can be created with your normal workflow, and CONTROL™ will automatically load the TriCaster or IP Series with any assets that are needed for a broadcast. As with CONNECT™, NewsCaster CONTROL™ is fully dynamic and will update the TriCaster/IP automatically to reflect adds, drops, floats, and holds within your rundown.

NewsCaster CONTROL™’s NewsStyle system, as well as all of your shows media assets, will be stored on the NewsCaster Server. Our server can draw from any computer in your network through custom drive-mapping, making the transition to a NewsCaster system minimally invasive. All NewsCaster purchases include the NewsCaster Server, a 1RU SuperMicro Industrial Server Class Computer featuring:

  • Redundant 450W power supplies
  • 5TB of redundant storage in a RAID configuration
  • Six 1Gbps Ethernet Ports

Every NewsCaster™ purchase comes with one year of the NewsCaster Support Plan. We provide 24/7/365 support for your system via email, telephone, and teleconference, ensuring that you're always on the air.

NewsCaster CONTROL™ is the perfect tool to automate your news!

CONTROL™ is the #1 Solution for full NewTek TriCaster Family/IP Series automation. Your News. Your Way.