BROADCASTERs have trusted NewsMaker for decades:

1970's and 1980's - Newspapers

Since 1974, NewsMaker Systems has been at the leading edge of computer technologies, bringing computer based system automation to the news production process.

Newsmaker’s founding members were key in producing the world’s first fully composed newspaper page, electronically typeset with all of the elements, including text and graphics.

1990's - Radio & Television News

In 1990, NewsMaker Systems was again at the forefront of electronic news production, and introduced the NewsMaker Electronic Newsroom (NEN) automation system. This grew into one of the leading radio and television broadcast news automation systems in the world, with over 120 leading television broadcast customers in domestic and international television markets.

2000’s - OEM Broadcast Products

NewsMaker Systems continued to create software solutions for the television broadcast industry, specializing in OEM products for other manufactures to provide them with solutions for NLE editing, proxy browser plugin-ins and other newscast production tools. These products were based on ActiveX, MOS and other protocols for advanced television newsroom workflows.

2014 - NewsCaster™ for the NewTek TriCaster

Today, the NewsCaster™ suite of automation products integrates leading Newsroom Computer Systems with the complete line of NewTek TriCaster Family video production systems.

Now more than ever, NewsMaker Systems is creating affordable, innovative and easy to use production tools for the broadcast television news industry.

TODAY, We've got a growing list of CLIENTS:

KCOY - Santa Maria, CA

News-Press Gazette

KECY - Yuma, AZ

News-Press Gazette

KEYT - Santa Barbara, CA

News-Press Gazette

KESE-LP - Yuma, AZ

News-Press Gazette

RTP - Portugal

Radio and Television of Portugal

Celebro Media Studios

London, United Kingdom

KNPN - St. Joseph, MO

News-Press Gazette

KSWT - Yuma, AZ

Northwest Broadcasting

KYMA - Yuma, AZ

Northwest Broadcasting

NOS - Omroepzeeland, NL

Dutch Public Broadcasting

NottsTv - Nottingham, UK

Nottingham Trent University

New Tang Dynasty TV

Taiwan - New York

Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln

Cologne, Germany

Radio Free Asia

Washington D.C.

Radio Free Europe

Prague & Bureaus

William Penn University

Oskalossa, IA

Worcester TV

University of Worcester, UK

WSOC - Charlotte, NC

Cox Broadcasting

Multimedios Televisión

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

And Counting...




IBM 370

NewsMaker Systems was founded by Dean Kolkey and Tony Chick, two pioneers in newsroom production technology. Dean and Tony worked initially in the newspapers industry and later moved into customized automation for radio and television broadcast news. Dean started his professional career in 1974 with Autologic, Inc. a leading manufacturer of computerized typesetting equipment used for newspaper production. He led projects with IBM and several major newspaper chains including Knight-Ridder and Scripts-Howard. At the same time, Tony was working as the system administrator for a newly installed newspaper production system at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. On January 1, 1982, Dean and Tony worked together to create the world’s first electronically composed full-page newspaper layout, with the Pasadena Star-News.

In 1986 Dean and Tony began the development of a PC based newspaper production system that was used by both Sears (for production of their Christmas Wish Books and other catalogs) and at Josten's Printing and Publishing where it was used to produce school yearbooks. In 1989, Dean and Tony began their work in television and radio news automation with the introduction of the NewsMaker Electronic Newsroom (also known as NEN). NEN was widely adopted in television news and sports, with news installations at CBS O&O’s and sports projects including CBS Sports and the NFL Today. NEN also became the backbone for all CBS Winter Olympics broadcasts, including the 1992 Albertville, 1994 Lillehammer, and 1998 Nagano Olympic Games.

Old Control Room

They pioneered the fully automated 24-hour news production model with the Time Warner Cable news channel New York 1 News, later adopted by many other stations including Channel One (London), RNews (Rochester, NY), BayNews 9 (Tampa, FL), and OCN (Orange County, CA). The NewsMaker Electronic Newsroom was installed at over 120 stations worldwide and was being used to produce thousands of television news shows per day. NewsMaker developed a reputation for rock solid newsroom software and outstanding device control. This strength at device control led to the development of the StarDrive Automation system to control hundreds of production devices like video routers, video switchers, master control switchers, video tape machines, video cart machines, video servers, character generators, stills stores and robotic camera systems. Dean and Tony were recipients of the Pioneer in Industry Award given by NewsWorld at NAB 2000. This honor recognized the individuals that created the earliest Newsroom Computer Systems. NewsMaker continued to develop its news automation suite throughout the 2000’s, and has partnered with NewTek to bring their diverse skillset to the TriCaster Family and IP Series.

In 2014, NewsMaker began working with the development and technical teams at NewTek to build a comprehensive suite of products for the professional series of NewTek TriCaster integrated production system. To enable the TriCaster to be used in live news environments, NewsMaker Systems introduced the NewsCaster suite of products, NewsCaster CONNECT and NewsCaster CONTROL.

The NewsCaster products continue the NewsMaker tradition of being at the leading edge of computer technologies with automated newscast production with the NewTek TriCaster® Family & IP Series