At a Glance:

NewsCaster CONNECT™ provides a seamless bridge between your existing newsroom system and the NewTek TriCaster® Family or IP Series. By facilitating quick communication between these two previously incompatible systems, we allow broadcasters to design rundowns within their newsroom system, populate the rundown with all the various media assets that are necessary for their show, and export that rundown into their TriCaster or IP Series in seconds rather than hours. As your show progresses, CONNECT™ will continuously monitor the TriCaster/IP Series and dynamically update it to reflect changes made in your newsroom computer system.


1.) CONNECT to the Newsroom

CONNECT™ is rooted in your Newsroom System. We’re compatible with every major MOS-enabled Newsroom System, including AP ENPS, Octopus 8, Ross Inception, AVID iNEWS, and Annova OpenMedia.


Modern news broadcasts require hundreds of clips, stills, and audio files. Aggregate all your media assets in one convenient location. Add them to your rundown with a simple drag-and-drop.

3.) ENGAGE Your Rundown

The old-fashioned news production workflow is complicated and tedious. We take an hour’s worth of a work and do it in 5 seconds. You’ll be asking yourself why you ever did it manually.

4.) Make DYNAMIC Changes

Any changes in the rundown are reflected dynamically in the TriCaster/IP series. Late additions, floats, and re-sequencing no longer cost you precious time while causing a headache. CONNECT™ keeps you in charge of your broadcast.

5.) Stay ON THE AIR

CONNECT™ makes working with high-volume broadcasts as easy as it’s ever been. Running multiple back-to-back broadcasts off one TriCaster or IP Series can finally be part of your workflow.


At NewsMaker, we understand how difficult it can be to manually take a show to air. That’s why we’ve spent the last 30 years pioneering new and innovative tools to help make that process easier. The TriCaster and IP Series are powerful machines, yet the process of preparing them for broadcast is unnecessarily time consuming. Assets not only need to be added, but also sequenced in a very specific order to ensure a smooth broadcast. This process is tedious and inflexible; so we asked ourselves how we could make it better.

CONNECT™ overcomes these problems by:

  • Centralizing the asset collection process so that all media assets are available when creating a rundown.
  • Automating the initial loading of the TriCaster/IP Series, saving you up to an hour per broadcast.
  • Dynamically re-sequencing the TriCaster/IP to account for any adds, drops, floats, or holds in your rundown.

NewsCaster CONNECT™ is designed to fit into your workflow with minimal disturbance. Our ActiveX plug-in can be loaded directly into your existing newsroom computer system, allowing you to add media assets directly into your rundown. When it comes time to air, your existing switcher will still drive the show; CONNECT™ simply takes all the back-end busy work off of your to-do list and keeps you in command while you’re on the air.

The NewsCaster Server functions as a repository of all your media assets, and through custom drive mapping any computer in your existing newsroom ecosystem can become a part of the NewsCaster workflow. All products in the NewsCaster Suite™ come with a NewsCaster Server, a 1RU SuperMicro Industrial Server Class Computer featuring:

  • Redundant 450W power supplies
  • 5TB of redundant storage in a RAID configuration
  • Six 1Gbps Ethernet Ports

Every NewsCaster™ purchase comes with one year of the NewsCaster Support Plan. We provide 24/7/365 support for your system via email, telephone, and teleconference, ensuring that you're always on the air.

NewsCaster CONNECT is the perfect tool to automate your workflow!

CONNECT is the #1 Solution for live news workflow automation with the NewTek TriCaster/IP Series. Your News. Your Way.