September 4, 2014

News-Press & Gazette Co. Station Group Uses NewsMaker Systems and NewTek TriCaster to Gain Huge Cost-Savings for TV Newscasts

Stations in California, Arizona and Missouri transform newsroom production environments by integrating NewsCaster and TriCaster with AP ENPS newsroom computer system

MOORPARK, CA – September 4, 2014 - NewsMaker Systems™ today announced News Press & Gazette is pairing NewsMaker NewsCaster™ and the NewTek™ TriCaster™ in their newsrooms across the country. NewsCaster is the media object server (MOS) protocol-based software from Newsmaker Systems, that significantly reduce costs while enhancing the automated production and story workflow. The TriCaster multi-camera live production system and NewsCaster have been chosen by News Press & Gazette Co. as their primary production hub for newscasts at KCOY CBS 12 in Santa Barbara, CA; KNPN Fox 26 in St. Joseph, MO; and KECY Fox 9 in Yuma, AZ. The result are modernized TV news operations with equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars less and requires significantly less space and fewer operators, additional savings with virtual set technology that replaces the traditional static sets, and all the production power, capability and flexibility of a traditional newsroom.

"Our mission is to provide multiple voices and diverse information to the public," said Jim DeChant, director of Technical Operations of News-Press & Gazette Co. "Our new TriCaster-based production studios have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars enabling more unique newscasts and perspectives in all our communities without having to compromise because of economic pressures."

NewsCaster streamlines news production operation by linking TriCaster and its many capabilities with standard broadcast newsroom computer systems. NewsCaster playout sequencing is managed under the control of the newsroom computer system while final playout is performed by the TriCaster. Whole shows are uploaded and updates are automatically applied, allowing the TriCaster operator to remain focused on the live show.

NewsCasters’ MOS-enabled video integration with TriCaster lets newsroom producers capture incoming video and leverage the rundown features and flexibility from companies such as AP ENPS, the world’s most installed multimedia news system, and others. NewsCaster allows TriCaster to automatically order the video clips, text and graphics based on the sequence specified within the newsroom system rundown. When there is breaking news, video clips can be re-ordered while live and updates are reflected automatically within TriCaster. All three News Press & Gazette stations are using the TriCaster-NewsCaster-AP ENPS workflow.

About NewsMaker Systems
NewsMaker Systems provides enabling automation technologies to bring together the NewTek TriCaster and the worlds largest and most widely used news room computer systems. With over 40 years of expertise in electronic newsroom automation, NewsMaker Systems solutions bring the efficiencies of automation and the operational and cost savings of the TriCaster to any market size and budget.

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