April 14, 2016

NewsMaker Systems Challenges Existing News Production Costs

Integrates with MOS Newsroom Computer Systems & NewTek TriCaster

Moorpark, CA – April 14, 2016 - NewsMaker Systems, provider of newsroom automation software, today announced its new product series providing the bridge between major MOS based newsroom computer systems and the Advanced Edition NDI NewTek TriCaster. NewsMaker Systems will be showcasing its solutions: NewsMaker Connect, Control, and Compose at NAB 2016 booth SL13105 and The StudioXperience booth SL2425.

The NewsMaker and TriCaster collaboration has created a total hardware and software package which integrates directly into the MOS newsroom computer system – achieving unparalleled editorial content and newsroom control of the production process.

The NewsMaker MOS interface enables TriCaster production elements including Switcher Effects, Audio, IFB, Graphics, Clips, Virtual Sets and Cameras, to be placed directly into the newsroom rundown as the scripts are written. NewsMaker automatically loads production elements into the TriCaster media bins, available at the fingertips of the operator - and ready for air. Any rundown changes made in the newsroom rundown are immediately updated in the TriCaster.

“NewsMaker solutions are designed to incorporate all of the TriCaster strengths and make them available to the newscast production, driven directly by the news rundown,” states Dean Kolkey, President of NewsMaker Systems.

“We have three new products for the TriCaster Advanced Edition,” continued Kolkey. “NewsMaker Connect links the production elements scripted in the rundown directly to the TriCaster. NewsMaker Control adds the ability for the operator to have complete control of the broadcast from a simple UI, button box or a keyboard and mouse. NewsMaker Compose is the automated off-line package creator for repurposing content.”

“NewsMaker has been in the television news automation business for decades, and is highly respected both at NewTek and within the industry,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “With NewsMaker enthusiastically embracing the Advanced Edition NDI TriCaster and its many new features, best-of-breed companies like NewsMaker will continue to benefit broadcast minds by enabling the emerging generation of broadcast news production workflows.”

With NewsMaker Connect, Control and Compose, “the workflow is identical to the existing large and cumbersome news automation systems of the past,” said Kolkey. “However, with our centralized control of the vast production tools in the TriCaster, it means we can do exactly the same shows at a fraction of the combined costs, as outdated legacy hardware and software installations.”

For more information on the TriCaster, visit www.NewTek.Com

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NewsMaker Systems provides enabling automation technologies to integrate the world’s most widely used news room computer systems with the NewTek TriCaster. With over 40 years of expertise in electronic newsroom automation, NewsMaker brings the efficiencies of automation and the ease of use plus cost savings of the TriCaster, to any market size and budget. NewsMaker Systems is expert in connecting the newsroom to the control room. Email us at

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