December 21, 2016


NewsCaster™ Control Awarded for Excellence in Innovation and Use of Technology

Moorpark, CA – December 21, 2016 - NewsMaker Systems today announced NewsCaster™ Control has received the 2016 NewBay Product Innovation Award. The Product Innovation Awards, launched in 2013, recognizes excellence in manufacturing for products that serve the TV/Pro video and radio/online audio industries.

NewsCaster™ Control is the real time link between MOS-enabled newsroom computer systems (NRCS) and NewTek’s TriCaster and IP Series integrated video production systems. NewsCaster Control has complete command of the IP Series and TriCasters built-in switcher transitions and effects, audio, IFB, graphics, clips, routing, virtual sets and robotic camera control. In addition, newscasts are no longer constrained by the physical limits of traditional production equipment. NewsCaster Control takes full advantage of NewTek NDI technology. Any NDI-enabled device on the IP network can see and access content from all other NDI devices, allowing more graphics, studio cameras, remotes, video walls and other news broadcast elements.

NewsCaster Control features an ActiveX window in the NRCS workstation interface. This provides total access to all of the TriCaster and IP Series assets and capabilities through the industry standard MOS protocol. All news production elements and assets can be placed directly into the newsroom rundown as the scripts are written. “News Styles”, which are user pre-defined event sequences, create the correct combinations of scripted elements. Typical but complicated news sequences can simply be selected by a few drop down selections. No redundant “coding” is required for show production.

All show elements and sequences are placed in the scripts, so the series of events is driven directly by the news rundown. Playout sequencing from the news rundown is done under the control of NewsCaster Control. NewsCaster Control automatically monitors and routes production elements into the TriCaster media bins, ready for air. Any rundown changes to the newscast like adds, drops, holds or floats are instantly added or deleted, then re-ordered in the media bins, with no operator intervention required. Breaking news and manual override is always available for last second newscast changes.

At NAB 2017, NewsMaker will demonstrate the NewsCaster Broadcast Suite™ of news automation products, including NewsCaster Control, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in the South Lower hall, booth SL 14506. NewsMaker will also show the NewsCaster Broadcast Suite in the NewTek NDI Central booth, located in South Lower Hall, booth SL 5421.

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NewsMaker Systems provides enabling technologies to interconnect the NewTek IP Series and TriCaster multi-camera video production systems, with the world’s largest and most widely used MOS enabled news room computer systems. With over 40 years of expertise in electronic newsroom automation, NewsMaker Systems combines the efficiencies of newsroom production automation with the power and cost savings of the TriCaster and IP Series for any market size and budget. For more information contact NewsMaker Sales,

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“NewBay’s Product Innovation Award, launched in 2013, recognizes excellence in manufacturing of products to serve the TV/pro video and radio/online audio industries. Winners are selected by a panel of professional users and evaluation criteria include innovation of concept and design, creative use of technology, price value, and suitability for use in a broadcast TV/pro video or broadcast/online radio environment.” More at TV Technology (

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