September 14, 2017

NewsMaker Automation Introduces Integrated Production Control System

NewsCaster Compose Provides Integrated Rundown and Playout Automation for NewTek TriCaster and IP Series

Amsterdam – September 14, 2017 - NewsMaker Automation, a leading provider of video production automation software, today announced NewsCaster Compose, its latest addition to the NewsCaster Suite of automation products for the NewTek TriCaster, TC1 and IP Series. Following the widely adopted NewsCaster Connect and NewsCaster Control automation for MOS based newsroom systems, NewsCaster Compose provides complete rundown based playout automation for live television show production, without the need for any additional rundown creation hardware or software.

NewsCaster Compose is a complete turnkey rundown creation and playout automation package designed exclusively for the NewTek TriCaster and IP Series. With NewsCaster Compose, a complete live production rundown is created to sequentially order all of the shows audio, video and graphics asset elements. These assets are automatically loaded into the TriCaster and IP series in the proper order based on the information entered into the Compose Rundown.

With a familiar drag and drop interface, NewCaster Compose provides proxy thumbnails of audio and video clips to the show producer, who simply selects the clip proxies and places them directly into the Compose Rundown. NewTek LiveText templates are also available to the producer, and each templates pre-defined text and graphic placeholders can be filled, previewed, and dropped into the rundown.

In addition, all TriCaster and IP Series live production sequences and functions can be completely automated based on the information entered into the Compose Rundown. Using NewsCaster NewsStyles™, which are customized multi-layered “macro” sequences, all of the TriCaster and IP Series production elements including Switcher Effects, Audio, IFB, Graphics, Clips, Virtual Sets and Cameras, are placed directly into the Compose Rundown as the show is built. NewsCaster Compose automatically loads production elements into the TriCaster media bins, available at the fingertips of the operator - and ready for air. Any rundown changes made in the Compose Rundown are immediately updated in the TriCaster. The show can be run from the NewsCaster Compose UI, an external button box, or with the TriCaster and IP Series control surface.

“All of our NewsCaster solutions are designed to take full advantage of the incredible power and flexibility of the TriCaster and IP Series,” states Dean Kolkey, President of NewsMaker Systems.

“In addition to NewsCaster Compose,” added Kolkey. “We are also showing NewsCaster Connect and NewsCaster Control versions 3.0. NewsCaster Connect links a MOS based newsroom computer system, including Avid iNews, AP ENPS, Octopus, ANNova OpenMedia and Ross Inception, with the TriCaster and IP Series. NewsCaster Control allows the full automation of the TC1, TriCaster and IP Series from the MOS newsroom system”. For IBC 2017, NewsMaker Automation is in the 3D Storm stand 7.K21, Hall 7. NewsCaster Compose is shipping now.

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